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The only thing that you absolutely have to know, is the location of the library.

Albert Einstein

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The Ridgway Library is important because…

  • Literacy and a well-rounded education are essential skills

  • It provides access to a world of news, literature, science, music, film, art, and culture without limit

  • Librarians can help you in ways the internet cannot

  • It showcases local creative artists

  • Children have a safe space in which to relax, learn, explore, and dream

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The Need….

Ridgway Library was constructed in 2004 and is now capacity constrained. The objectives of the expansion and renovation are to broaden the collection, add reading and work space, provide additional meeting rooms, expand and separate the children’s area to reduce noise, support additional programs, offer outdoor seating with controlled access, and meet the evolving needs of our growing community.

The Ridgway Library is a cornerstone in the community for education, development, research, literacy, civics, and the arts. It offers the only free public meeting room in town, and is a display venue for local arts.  In 2017, the library logged over 56,000 visits in a county with a population of 4,844.

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Meeting Room(s)

The How…

Conceptual design of the expansion and renovation of the current space has been completed by Humphries Poli Architects of Denver.  The firm specializes in libraries and have designed, built or renovated over 100 libraries across North America. The project is estimated to cost $1,250,000, of which more than 50% has already been secured locally.  Additional funding is being sought from the Colorado state government (DOLA) and charitable foundations that actively support capital projects of this nature.

Floor Plan
The Community Speaks...

My favorite thing about the library is picking out books, but also playing with the toys.

 - Chance, age 3

Chance Zimmerman

The Ridgway Public Library not only provides an excellent source of information, it also creates and executes phenomenal learning programs for all ages!  The youth whom Voyager serves, ages 5-17, thoroughly enjoy participating in the wonderful programs that this library provides,.

  - Ridgway Voyager

       SummerProgram Representative

The Ridgway Library is one of the greatest assets of our growing community. Every visit to the library is a treat and it never fails to deliver. The expansion project will create the additional space required for all ages to stretch out and enjoy everything our library has to offer .Please consider making a donation today to support the Ridgway Library!

    - Richard Tucker

I credit the Ridgway Public Library with teaching my children to love reading. Between the personal attention of the librarians and the ever evolving collection, we always come home with lots of great books.  I love that the librarians are willing to add new books to stay current and relevant to all ages and levels. The Ridgway Public Library is a vibrant, busy place that is central to this community.

    - Meg Klish Fibbe

Thank you for making this library an enjoyable and fruitful experience and much appreciated.     - Diane & Frank Vernol

Want to see a movie you missed, read that bestseller you just heard about, or listen to it on CD?  They’re all as close as the Ridgway Library and often the same week you heard about them!  Best of all they’re free!  Gotta love your library - we do!!!

 - Rosemary & Jon Esty

Rosemary & Jon Esty

I love reading all of the books, and they have fun activities

  - Katie, age 7

Ridgway Library, nothing does what it does, and it aspires to do more.  Where else do you want to spend all day?

  - Beth & Tom Williams

The library rocks! They bring in amazing new books.   - Grace, age 9

The fact that Ridgway passed the original bond to build the library represents the values of our community.  Ridgway Library contains a wellspring of information and is a welcoming and safe gathering place for meetings, art shows, and children’s programs.  We see how much the library is used on a daily basis and see the need for expansion in order to better serve our community.     - Kay & Jack Sibold

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